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17" VAUXHALL ASTRA - 1.6 CDTI - 1.6 TURBO - 1.7 CDTI - 2.0 CDTI 2009 > 2014 K.O.M SPACE SAVER KIT & 125/70R17 CONTINENTAL TYRE


  • Brand: K.O.M WHEEL
  • Width: Tyre Diameter 25"
  • Tyre size: 145/70R17
  • Part code: FIVE40171021232I
  • Load rating: 750Kgs Per Wheel

17" VAUXHALL ASTRA - 1.6 CDTI - 1.6 TURBO - 1.7 CDTI - 2.0 CDTI 2009 > 2014 K.O.M SPACE SAVER KIT & 125/70R17 CONTINENTAL TYRE

The K.O.M space saver spare wheel kit - offers reassurance for drives who have bought a Vauxhal Astra without a spare wheel which is also known as a skinny or a temporary spare wheel. This is an aluminium wheel kit offered in 17” option, fitted to all the wheels is a premium Uniroyal tyre.

Our kits are designed to keep as close to your original tyres rolling radius and not necessarily to fit in the boot well.

It has been noted that the K.O.M kit is not the same size as the one's offer by Vauxhall, this is correct and I will tell you why. Vauxhall offer a wheel which is 13.2% smaller or 3.4" then the original tyre on your car now this is a massive difference and can causes your car to lean towards the space saver wheel fitted this looks very unsafe! examples below:

OE 205/60R16  vs  Manufacture Space saver option 115/70R16  =  13.2% - 
OE 215/50R17  vs  Manufacture Space saver option 115/70R16  =  12.5% - 

OE 205/60R16  vs  K.O.M Space saver option 145/70R17  =  2.7% -   ✔ 
OE 215/50R17  vs  K.O.M Space saver option 145/70R17  =  2.0% -   ✔ 

Using the K.O.M option will not fit in the boot well, but please beware of the bad size option offered from the manufacture.

Kit contains:

1 x 17" Alloy wheel, 1 x 145/70R17, 1 x 1.5 tonne scissor jack, 1 x zip up storage bag, 1 x Telescopic wheel wrench. 

Please note the maximum legal speed limit for a vehicle fitted with a space saver wheel and tyre is 50mph / 80km/h.

Set of 1 wheels

  • £199.00

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