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Find the right K.O.M SPACE SAVER KIT 5 UNIROYAL wheels for you

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The K.O.M space saver spare wheel kit - offers reassurance for drives who have bought a vehicle without a spare wheel which is also known as a skinny or a temporary spare wheel.  

This is an aluminium wheel kit offered in 17” & 18” sizes, fitted to all the wheels is a premium Uniroyal tyre. Each kit is tailored to the listed vehicles specification.

In some cases, the wheel can be a different size for example: you have 19” wheels and we offer a 17” & 18” K.O.M space saver spare wheel and tyre kit. Will this be OK? Of course, it will! The difference of the inch or two inches is taken away by having a larger sidewall tyre on the space saver wheel kit, making the rolling radius of the tyre as close as possible.

Please note the maximum legal speed limit for a vehicle fitted with a space saver wheel and tyre is 50mph / 80km/h.

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Please this is an aftermarket part and not an orginal part.

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