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The following diagram explains all the markings that exist on the side of a tyre; you can order new tyres by simply knowing the size, speed and load ratings but if you ever wondered what all the other stuff means you can find out here.

Find your tyre size with these tyre markings

1. Tyre brand name

2. Pattern or model code

3. Tyre size

4. Service description (Load index & Speed symbol)

5. ECE or EEC type approval number**

6. ECE noise approval

7. North American recall code

8. Date of manufacture code

9. UTQG quality rating

10. Maximum permitted load (USA)

11. Maximum permitted inflation pressure (USA)

12. Denotes tubeless construction

13. Safety warning

14. Direction of rotation (Directional or Composite tyres)

15. Rim fitment instruction (Asymmetrical or Composite tyres)

16. Denotes extra load tyre construction

16a. Denotes reinforced tyre construction

17. Position of tread wear indicators.

**(C & U regulations stipulate all tyres used in the UK must carry an E number)

Other Markings

In addition to the above the tyre manufacturers have complicated things further with the following markings that are often found after the tyre size. Many of these letters refer to the tyre being specific for use on a particular vehicle.

AM8 - Aston Martin (not model specific)

AM9 - Aston Martin : DB9, VA & V8

AML - Aston Martin

AMX - Aston Martin

AO - Audi

B - Bentley

B1 - Bentley

BZ - Bridgestone original equipment

CZ - Subaru

DSST - Dunlop run-flat tyres

DT1 - New pattern

DZ - Honda / Mazda / Toyota

EMT - Goodyear run-flat tyres

EZ - Audi / Mazda 6

F - Ferarri

FZ - Bridgestone original equipment

G1 - Indicates that outside diameter or tread width differs from a tyre without this marking

GZ - Subaru

HO - Honda

HRS - Hankook run flat

HZ - Bridgestone original equipment

J - Jaguar

JZ - Seat / Subaru

K1 - Ferrari

K2 - Ferrari

KZ - Nissan / Toyota

LRR - Low rolling resistance

MC1 - Mclaren

MGT - Maserati

MO - Mercedes

MOE - Mercedes Extended (Runflat)

MO1 - Mercedes SL65 AMG

MZ - Mitsubishi / Toyota

N0 - Porsche

N1 - Porsche

N2 - Porsche

N3 - Porsche

N4 - Porsche

N5 - Porsche

N6 - Porsche, The numerical escalation of Porsche N-Spec tyres reflect either enhancements to the previous generation of the same tyre model.

NZ - Bridgestone original equipment

OZ - Bridgestone original equipment

PE - Peugeot

PZ - Ford / Mazda / Mercedes / VW

R01 - Audi Quattro, RS4, RS6, R8

R02 - Audi Quattro, RS4, RS6, R8

Runflat - Run flat tyre

RFT - Run flat tyre

ROF - Run flat tyre

RZ - Bridgestone original equipment

S - Various manufacturers

S1 - Various manufacturers

S2 - Various manufacturers

SSR - Run flat tyre

SZ - Mazda MPV

TO - Toyota

TZ - Mazda 6

UZ - BMW 3 / Skoda

VO - Volkswagen

VW - Volkswagen

VW2 - Volkswagen

VZ - Bridgestone original equipment

WZ - Bridgestone original equipment

XL - Reinforced tyres. Have a higher load index

XZ - Bridgestone original equipment

YZ - Bridgestone original equipment

ZP - Michelin run flat

ZPS - Yokohama run flat

* - BMW

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