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Wheel alignment – what is this and how would I know this needs looking at?

In a nut shell wheel alignment ensures your wheels run parallel with one another! The cause of mis-aligned wheels is mainly down to road conditions, pot holes and speed bumps. But general wear and tear is also a factor.

A couple of popular indications of mis-aligned wheels.

  1. Cause wear on the inside or outside of your tyres, preventing you from getting 100% wear from your tyres.
  2. Cause your vehicle to drift to the right or left when driving in a straight line.

Having said the above, this can also be caused by warn bushed on the tie rods & control arms.

How do we adjust the wheel alignment?

This is a very simple job “once the nuts are free of course” simple adjustments are made to the steering arms / track rod ends. The adjustment is measured on specialist equipment which is laser guided for optimum accuracy ensuring the vehicle is set to the manufacture spec.

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