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Steering & Suspension repair or replacement @ Tyremen Hull


Suspension is a very important factor on any motor vehicle on the road, it’s main purpose is to maintain maximum friction between your tyres and the road, this in turn gives stability & a good positive feel to the steering making you feel more in control and ensuring comfort “well in some cars that is”.

If roads were built 100% flat then suspension would not be as important but there not, with the ever-increasing amount of pot holes and uneven road surfaces we need good healthy suspension to keep us on the road and prevent us and the car from been shaken to pieces.

Common signs of suspension failure:

  1. Has your vehicle dropped in one corner? indication of broken spring. Needs attention.
  2. You can suddenly feel every hump and bump, Indication of warn suspension needs attention.
  3.  More body roll when going around corners then normal, needs attention.
  4. Vehicle pulling to one side, maybe an indication of suspension problems but this could be as simple as mis-aligned wheels. Needs attention.
  5. Fluid seen around suspension parts, good indication of suspension failure. Need attention.

Having any type of work on your suspension it is very important you have the alignment of your wheels check and adjusted if needed.

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Drive safely Tyremen.

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