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Keep On Moving with a K.O.M Space saver spare wheel and tyre kit for your Porsche.

K.O.M space saver kits are an Italian made aluminium wheel fitted with either Uniroyal or Continental tyres however this will depend on application. But don’t worry if your kit has not got a Continental tyre fitted as Uniroyal is made by Continental using the very same technology which ensures quality. Accompanying the wheel and tyres will be a 2 Ton Jack, Wheel Brace, bolts/nuts if needed and a Tidy Bag which will keep this neat and tidy when in the boot. The K.O.M Kit will be delivered in one box ready to be used when needed.

All K.O.M kit are built for your order and are in brand new unused condition.

Popular questions:

Q, I can only see a 17” K.O.M Kit and I have 16” wheels on my car?

A, the 17” & 16” are irrelevant as this is only the wheel in the centre, the main note to make is the diameter of the wheels, please trust us we will have this covered. Size difference can be as much as 3-4% but we aim to keep this down to the recommended 2.5% bigger or smaller.

This is a much-asked question so let me explain a little more.

There is a couple of different diameters or rolling circumference’s when it comes to PCR tyres “Passenger car tyres” let pick on the most popular sizes starting with 225/45r17 this has a diameter of 24.97”. To keep your cars speedometer and gear ratio as it should be, we need to get as close as possible to this with our space saver tyre. In this case we need a tyre which is as close to 24.97” as possible, luckily we have the 125/80r17 Uniroyal space saver tyre which measures 24.87”. To work this out yourself as I know our customer love to learn these things, please follow this simple math:

First, you would multiply section width by profile

Section width (225) x profile (45) = 10’125

Secondly, divide (10’125) by 2540 and multiply by 2 = 7’972

Thirdly, add the rim diameter (17”) 7’972 + 17 = 24.97”

Full sum below:

OE tyre size = 225/45R17

1, 225x45/2540x2+17 = 24.97 (“) diameter

Space saver tyre size = 125/80r17

1, 125X80/2540X2+17 = 24.87 (“) diameter

As you can see the two tyres are almost a match in diameter in fact 0.10” a difference of 0.04%, really this is all you need to be concerned about when we have 3-4% to play with. Yes, the tyre is 4” narrower, used properly these will save the day.  If your still unsure, please call our team of experts on 01482 505526 we love to talk.


Q, Can I buy just the wheel and tyre? As I already have the jack and wheel brace.

A, Yes, we are now able to offer any part of this kit needed, however the price difference is not massive saving you around £20.00 on the list price. Also, we can just sell the wheel on its own with no tyre etc…

Are you looking to become a supplier of K.O.M Space saver kits? Please submit your enquiry to [email protected] or call 01482 505526


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