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The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a very popular vehicle with nearly 20’000 new cars sold in 18/19, and at a cost starting around £32’000 I start to wonder why they can’t included a spare wheel, but can give you a container of glue and a compressor. Which in customers own words is useless especially on tyres that have had side wall damage.

The K.O.M space saver spare wheel kit offers reassurance for drives who have bought a Land Rover Discovery Sport without a spare wheel which is also known as a skinny or a temporary spare wheel.

Customer sometimes seem wary of using a space saver spare wheel because of the narrowness of the tyre and the big sidewall and yes these do look a bit strange indeed when offered in comparison to the 245/45R20 found on the Discovery Sport.

What’s important is that we keep the Diameter within a tolerance which is 2.5% +/- this will stop ABS light etc… from panicking you even more, our aim with the K.O.M kit is to keep all our kits within the 2.5% and not!! 10% - 12% found on other kits.

There are three main sizes found on the Land Rover Discovery Sport. Below I will show you how we manage to get the diameter close enough for practical use and compare this against the Space saver tyre option.  

Discovery Sport 225/65R17   VS   Space saver option 155/85R18 = 0.4% +

Discovery Sport 235/60R18   VS   Space saver option 155/85R18 = 2.4% +
Discovery Sport 245/45R20   VS   Space saver option 155/85R18 = 1.0% +

As you can see, we can go from a 245/45R20 size to an 18” with only an increase of 1.0% radius & go from a 17” up to an 18” 225/65R17 to the 155/85R18 with only an 0.4% + difference in size. The 155/85r18 will convert into all other sizes found on the Land Rover Discovery Sport.


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