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I have 15” wheels on my motorhome, can I upgrade to 16” wheels and tyres?

 The answer is yes!

Over the last couple of years, my answer would have been yes no maybe, but now both Continental, Michelin have made the tyre size 225/65r16 tyre, and in the correct Camper tyre this is now doable in the correct way.

Most Motorhomes that have 15” standard wheels use the tyre size 215/70R15 and a conversion up to 16” using a camping tyre was not possible due to them not been made. Now we can use the 225/65R16 Camping tyre either the Continental or the Michelin and do this correctly.

There is a slight size difference between the 215/70R15 & 225/65R16 and this is 2.4% were advised that 2.5% is the maximum so we are good to go with this size. The 225/65R16 has a slightly higher load rating then the 215/70R15 giving you and extra 360kgs over the four tyres.


The most important top tips when looking for Motorhome wheels:


  1. My first question would be are there load rated and can they prove it?


  1. Are they a direct fit for my vehicle? Moreover, do they need a fitting kit if there is the need for “Spigot rings” I would try finding a direct fitting wheel. Although Spigot rings are not a bad thing, I would avoid using them on a Motorhome or Commercial rated vehicle.


  1. 100% buy a good quality TUV approved wheel, this will give reassurance to yourself that you have a good quality and load rated wheel for direct use on your Motorhome.


  1. And of course please ensure you are been offered the correct tyre with the wheels.

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