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Bought a new car, only to find it has no spare wheel just a compressor and glue?

For a good, few years now we have been repeatedly asked can you sell me a space saver wheel. And for the last couple of years, the answer has been no sorry you will need to go to the main dealer and pay their inflated prices.

Finally, there is a new answer we can now offer you a space saver wheel, jack and wheel brace this all comes in a nice handy bag.


Answers to a couple of questions, which keep popping up.

Q: I have 19” wheels and you only offer a 17” wheel this will not fit.

A: Yes, The wheel will fit and not affect the way the vehicle drive, but why is this? I have 19” wheels and you offering a 17”, in simple terms the overall Diameter remains the same or is within the 2.5% bigger or smaller limit. This is the same for all makes & models excluding some performance vehicles, for example, Audi RS Q5 due to its large brakes.


Q: I only need the wheel and tyre as I have the Jack & Wheel brace can you supply me just these?

A: Sorry we can only buy the full kit as offered and are unable to separate.

Please select the model link below to view your kit:

BMW  1 Series 2004 > 2011 Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 1 Series 2011 > 2014 Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 1 Series 2015 > Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 2 Series ALL Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 2 Serie active tourer ALL Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 3 Series GT ALL Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 3 Series 2005 > 2012 Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 3 Series 2012 > Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 4 Series 2014 > Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 5 Series  GT ALL Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW Series  2017 > Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW Series 2004 > 2016 Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW 6 Series 2011 > Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW X1 >2015 Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW X1 2016 > Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW X3 2003 > 2010 Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW X3 2010 > Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW X4 2014 > Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 

BMW Z4 2009 > Spacer Wheel & Tyre Kit 


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