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Alloy Wheels for your Ford Transit based Motorhome.

When buying a motorhome this can be a very expensive experience but exciting. When ordering your Ford transit based motorhome you will be swamped with 100’s of added extras and I guess on many of people’s minds Motorhomes wheels are the last thing on your list. We have a lot of customers were the conversation starts I have a brand new 2016/2017 Motorhome on standard steel wheels, I was away in the vehicle and saw a Motorhome the very same as mine but it had a lovely set of wheels on there can you help me? Yes, of course, we can!


Wheels Fitment.

The good thing about the Ford Transit is the Stud pattern “PCD” 5x160 has remained unchanged since 1986 the same goes for the centre bore 65.1 and off set ET60. The main change has been the wheel and tyre size’s though out the life of the Transit. 16” steel wheels seem to be the wheels of choice now with the tyre size 235/65r16, which is a good choice of tyres size as Continental, make the Vanco-Camper 115R.

As many of the 2014 - 2017 transit vans come through our depot, other sizes we have found them to be fitted with are 195/75R16, 215/70R16 & 225/60R17 on the 3.2TDCI & 3.5GTDI the 3.7TI is fitted with different again, 195/75RR16, 235/65R16 & 245/55R17. So do not be shocked when your Motorhome is not fitted with the 235/65r16 Camper tyres, as you would expect.


Load rated wheels and approval.

With the Transit van & Motorhome having a stud pattern all to its self 5x160 it’s pretty hard to buy the incorrect wheel and with this been on its own all the wheel offered should be TUV or ABE approval and a load rating of around 1000kgs – 1250kgs per wheel with evidence to back this up.


Look for Quality 

Finally look for guarantee length, as standard wheel manufacturers only offer a 1-year guarantee on the paint finish of their wheels. Some European companies offer a longer length warranty which is certainly an indication of the paint quality.

Most vehicle owners opt to stick to original wheel size which is very sensible. It means that the original tyres can be swapped onto them if they are in good condition and is the most cost effective solution. The only real advantage of going for something bigger is that you get a slightly more impressive appearance, but the ride will be firmed up as you need to use a lower profile tyre to compensate for the increase in wheel size. If you didn’t compensate in this way then the vehicle speedo will become inaccurate and you may get issues with the tyre catching on the bodywork.

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