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Alloy wheels for an Adria Twin 600 SP.

The Fiat Ducato based Adria Twin 600 SP is such a lovely looking Motorhome and in is POS images looks to have some very nice looking wheels fitted to it, looking at the 2017 spec sheet this model don’t seem to be fitted with them as standard! This could mean an expensive up grade £1000+ but is shown to come with a spare wheel, which is a very welcome addition as these can be expensive if you need to buy one separately.

As most motorhome manufactures do not list weather the chassis is a Ducato Maxi or a standard chassis and again checking there spec sheet they list the vehicle with both options Maxi and Light on the 16” wheels. This can be one of two PCD’S 5X118 or 5X130 the 5X118 been for the “Light” and the 5X130 fitting the Maxi. Over the years this has become a pain but we have a simple measurement you can do that will let us know which wheel you have, If you take a tape or a ruler and pick one bolt and measure from the imaginary centre of the head to the imaginary centre of the bolt directly next to it. You should has one of two measurement’s 71mm for 5X118 or 78mm for 5x130.

Once you have the measurement we can be 100% sure which Fiat Ducato Chassis your Adria motorhome is based on.

Thanks Tyremen 

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