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15" K.O.M Touring exclusive to Tyremen Ltd and made purposely for Fiat Ducato & Peugeot Boxer Motorhomes 

K.O.M Touring 6” x 15” 5x118 ET58 71.1 with a load rating of 4800kgs across 4 wheels these have been perfectly made for all Fiat Ducato and Peugeot Boxer Light Chassis Motorhomes dated from 1988 right the way through to 2019.

Both Peugeot boxer and Fiat Ducato have never changed when it comes to the PCD and centre bore they have just played with the Offset “ET” this determines how far out or in the wheel sit on the Motorhome, they both have used off sets from ET50, ET55 & ET68.

 So why have we gone for the ET58 offset? Tyremen have been leading the way in aftermarket Motorhome wheel sales in the UK for many years, and we can honestly say we have a lot of experience especially when it comes to what will and will not fit on your Motorhome as we have had a lot of hands on practice serving main dealers etc… through the years.  

The choice to have the ET58 made is simple on the newer 2016 – 2019 models the wheel seem to be sunken under the wheel arches leaving a big void, with using the ET58 this will push the wheel out by around 8mm making the arch look fuller and a lot better to look at.

On the earlier models 90’s and the 00s the rear wheels are to close to the outer arches and sometimes making it very hard to get the wheel out of the arch, with the ET58 this little adjustment will make a world of difference.

This is a lovely designed wheel available in the Grey & polished face and a full silver finish. Prices will start at £440.00 for the Silver and £460.00 for the Grey with the polished face.





















This wheel K.O.M Touring wheel is exclusive to Tyremen in the 15” 5x118 ET58 71.1 1200kgs made purposely for your Fiat Ducato & Peugeot Boxer Motorhome.

Thanks for reading, Tyremen.

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