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    Winter Tyres and Wheel Packages for BMW X6

    At Tyremen we aim to give you the best advice on tyres and wheel and tyre packages for your car. In this blog, we are discussing the top end of the BMW ‘X’ range, the BMW X6. A fantastic car with superb 4WD capability,...

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    All Season Tyres from Vredestein, the Quatrac Range, but Are They Right for the UK Climate?

    In recent years we have all noticed that, to quote our dad’s, ‘winters aren’t what they used to be’ and they are very much correct! Our last bad winter was in 2010 when the country ground to a halt and no-one went to work, shops ...

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    Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, TMPS

    For those of you with cars registered new in the last few years, you may well have been unfortunate enough to see a little light on the dashboard letting you know that your tyre pressure is low and you should top up with air. All good so fa...

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    Steel Wheels for Motorhomes with Single and Tag Axles

    Tyremen have been supplying wheels for motorhomes both in our retail site and via the internet for several years now. We are always bringing the newest and best products to the market and lead the way in terms of cost, quality and service. ...

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    Run Flat Tyres, Are They Really All That?

    Run flat tyres have been around now for a number of years and fitted to lots of different cars when they leave the factory. Coupled with the Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) they have successfully helped to reduce the gross weights of...

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    The Dangers of Part Worn Tyres, Why it is Best Not to Buy Them.

    There's the headline, during a previous Tyre Safety Month, of all the tyres pre-owned, we'll call them that, but really, they're part worn tyres, 98% were sold illegally and 16% were life threatening. We've been selling tyres for over 40...

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    Vintage style wire spoked wheels.

    Vintage style wire spoked wheels.   Been cars lovers here at, we love getting call from all customers but when a customer call regarding vintage and classic tyres we know they have something special hidden away in t...

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    Pay4Later Flexible payment options are now available at Tyremen are pleased to announce a new partnership with leading online finance provider: Pay4Later. Using Pay4Later's "instant decision" technology you will be able ...

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    Wow! Honest John HAT Award

    Updated - We are proud to announce that Tyremen have been awarded the Honest John HAT award for the 2nd year in a row. That's 2016 and 2017. To celebrate this and to say a huge thank you to our loyal customers, we have teamed up w...

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    Why should we use winter tyres.

    Not using winter tyres can increase your chances of having a accident in the winter months. Below are some very good reasons why you should.   ...

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    Cheap OE alloy wheels.

    We have stocked OE wheels for some time now, and we are ask a number of questions over and over here are the answers to a lot of them.   1.       Where do the wheels come from? The wheel...

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    How Much? £1200+ for a set of 16” Audi A3 genuine wheels

    At Tyremen we have been selling winter wheel and winter tyre packages nationally for over 5 years, and would say were good at advising our customers on the correct options. If you have been looking for winter tyres and wheels, you know t...


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