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    The New Continental TS860 is on its way

    Continental TS860 Fans of the Continental TS850, are fans for a reason, they are a fantastic winter tyre! Continental maybe about to do something stupid or amazing. The Continental TS850 has been our bestselling winter tyre ...

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    Vredestein Snowtrac 5 winter tyre

    Vredestein Snowtrac 5. The best solution for driving in winter conditions is here, were technology meet perfection this tyre is engineered by Apollo Vredestein based in the Netherlands the Vredestein Snowtrac 5. This tyre has a unique...

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    Winter Tyres

    Are Winter Tyres Any Good? The simple answer is yes. Winter car tyres, also known as snow tyres or cold weather tyres, perform better in temperatures under 7°C. This is because of two main reasons: 1. The compound of the tyres ...

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    Hankook Car Tyres

    About Hankook Tyres Hankook Tyres started in 1941 back then known as the Chosun Tyre Company. The company changed its name to Hankook tyre manufacturing 27 years later. In the early days, Hankook was known as a cheap branded tyre but ...

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    Vredestein Wintrac Extreme-S

    Vredestein describe their Wintrac Xtreme S tyre as ultra high performance winter tyre and we have to agree. Wintrac Xtreme S tyres combine winter safety with great millage and grip all year round.  About Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S ...

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    Yokohama Car Tyres

    About Yokohama Tyres, Tyremen have been stocking Yokohama tyres for many years now, and over the years we have seen this company grow and produce some of the best tyres on the market. Covering all angles of the market from...

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    Goodyear car tyres

    About Goodyear Tyres All Goodyear's tyres are designed to give excellent traction and performance. They also aim to provide long treadwear so your tyres will last longer than with other brands. Goodyear focus on quality & per...

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    The award winning Continental TS850

                        Without doubt this was the most in demand winter tyre of the 2014/2015 winter season, and that hasn't relented in following ...

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    Vredestein Industrial and agricultural range.

    Vredestein Industrial and agricultural range.   For many years now, we have had a strange love affair with the company Vredestein. Now known as Apollo Vredestein, Apollo is an Indian company however, the tyres...

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    ATV, UTV and Quad bike tyres,

    ATV, UTV and Quad bike tyres, The world related to the ATV, UTV and Quad bike tyres has grown rapidly of the last couple of years. We as company have seen many brands come and go but the brand which has stuck around due to its popula...

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    Motorhome wheels that fitment charts forgot about.

    With more and more people buying motorhomes new and old and even old and young, it has been brought to our attention that there is not a lot of information regarding the more mature motorhomes I am talking about the Talbot express the Citre...

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    True “A” rated performance tyres

    At Tyremen we love performance cars, so when we get to talk about tyres for these were in our element. Over the last couple of years things have changed and we have been quite out spoken regarding Label data, I have seen a change in the way...


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