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    Tyres for BMW 2 Series

    The BMW 2 Series is a compact vehicle produced in 2014 and made in 3 different body styles, the Coupe and Convertible, Active Tourer and Gran Tourer. The 2 Series Coupe and Convertible replaces the 1 Series Coupe and Convertible f...

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    Tyres for BMW 1 Series

    The BMW 1 Series is a small family car but still full of luxury, first introduced in 2004 and was the successor to the BMW Compact. In 2004, the 1 Series was only available in a 5-door hatchback. This changed in 2007 when BMW introduce...

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    BMW Tyres

    BMW Tyres BMW is one of the most successful vehicle manufactures; BMW “Bayerische Motoren Werke” founded in 1917. It is well known in the tyre industry and BMW have a close working bond with the big tyre manufactures, ensuring the co...

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    Tyres for BMW 5 Series

    The BMW 5 Series is a mid-size luxury car which has been produced since 1972 and now in its 7th generation. Originally the 5 Series was only designed in the sedan option and in 1991 the touring was introduced, we then had to wait a fur...

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    Tyres for BMW 3 Series

    The BMW 3 Series in an entry level luxury car first born in 1975, the 3 Series has been the successor of the 02 Series which is now 6 generations old and still going very strong. The models are listed below: BMW 3 Series E21: 1975-198...

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    Winter Tyres, All Season Tyres and Summer: What is the difference?

    The snowy weather warnings are here and before the UK comes to a standstill it is time to think, are my tyres safe? Not using winter tyres can increase your chances of having an accident in the winter months. Below are som...

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    Can You Tell The Car By Its Brake Lights?

    Have you ever been driving at night on a long journey and started playing the game, can I guess what that car is in front of me just by its brake lights? If not, well then, here's your chance. If yes, then this quiz will be a great test to ...

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    All season tyres

    So if you’ve been on our website before, you may be well aware of what winter tyres are? But what are all-season tyres? Are my regular tyres not all seasons? I thought what the car manufacturers fitted w...

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    Peugeot Boxer Motorhome alloy wheels

    Are you looking for an alloy wheel to suit your Peugeot Boxer Motorhome? Looking for wheel to suite your particular Peugeot Boxer, please select from the list below:   Peugeot Boxer 5x118 PCD Centre Bore 71.1 Select Me ...

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    Another win for the Vredestein Quatrac 5 all-season tyres

    Another win for Vredestein Quatrac 5 all-season tyres - Almost as good as winter tyres on snow - Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces - Very low noise levels - Better than all newcomers in all key test criteria   Th...

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    Fit puncture proof tyres!

            The bugbear of taking your lawnmower out of the garage only to find you have a puncture added to this, you have the difficulty of removing the wheel, then to find out a tiny little ...

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    Nexen Tyres

        Nexen Tyres have been ranked fourth in the Passenger car segment and now a leading and global tyre brand. In the 2016, J.D Power Original Equipment tyre customer satisfaction study, Nexen ranked fourth out of th...


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