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Vredestein Industrial and agricultural range.


For many years now, we have had a strange love affair with the company Vredestein. Now known as Apollo Vredestein, Apollo is an Indian company however, the tyres are still produced at the original Vredestein factory in Holland.

Vredestein have four main tyres for agricultural use,

Vredestein Tractor Transport, The key to the success of the multi-functional Traxion+ is its revolutionary tread design. The result is optimal performance on the land and during transportation. The Traxion+’s special tread cleat design, with a wide space in the shoulder area, ensures excellent self-cleaning in the traction zone. This in turn guarantees maximum traction. The almost continuous contact area in the middle of the tread, the comfort zone, provides for optimal comfort and safety during transportation at relatively high speeds. This also reduces tyre wear, increasing life span. Vredestein have invested heavily in product innovation to ensure that the modern tractor fitted with Traxion+ causes minimal soil compaction. The unique tread also guarantees an optimal pulling power with reduced skidding. Minimal skidding causes less damage to the soil structure, which can lead to improved profit margins. Increasing fuel costs make this issue more important than ever.


Vredestein Faktor-S a diagonal tractor tyre for light and medium weight tractors that really lives up to its name. The carcass structure, combined with the size and profile of this tractor tyre, lift performance to a higher level. The wide, long cleats provide a large contact surface for a comfortable drive and a long life span. The smart cleat shape and strong nylon carcass construction provide excellent traction, stability and resistance to impacts. The Faktor-S: perfect for tractors in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.


Vredestein Multi Rill, The role of the front wheels of tractors in preventing structural damage to the structure of the sub soil should not be underestimated. That is why Vredestein developed the Multi Rill for modern rear wheel drive tractors that are being used in pasture and arable lands. The self-cleaning line tread gives stability and prevents damages to the turf. The strong nylon carcass has good resistance to extra peak loads, for example, when using a front loader.


Vredestein Lug Ring The flexible front tyre for land and road

The Lug Ring is a very popular front tyre for tractors, which are used for road transportation in addition to fieldwork. The tyre is also highly suitable for planting and sowing machines. Its robust shoulder bars protect the tyre against penetration by sharp objects. The large tread surface guarantees a long life span.


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