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It has become apparent the more we sell the Uniroyal Rainsport 3, the more calls we get saying we have sent the customer four rights or four left tyres. At first, this was strange. Why does the customer think this? After explaining and explaining the reasons behind the tyre design it becomes obvious. The tyres are just weird looking and miles away from the conventional directional “V” style tread pattern that we are all use to.












Now looking at the image above it is easy to understand why so many people think they are a sided tyre, these are actually Asymmetric meaning they have an inside and outside once fitted to the wheel correctly these can then be fitted anywhere on the car left, right, front and rear.












Once the tyres are fitted to the car this is how they should look (above image), the two side grooves should be on the inside. However, some eagle-eyed customers may see the tread looks to rotate in opposite directions. This is not by accident, they are designed this way to clear the water away from the car via the sides and not underneath which may lead to an increasing risk of aquaplaning. When you take the tyres to the garage just make sure the tyres are fitted with the outside marking facing outwards and enjoy.






You have truly bought an outstanding wet and dry weather tyre.


Drive safe,

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