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At Tyremen we have been selling winter wheel and winter tyre packages nationally for over 5 years, and would say were good at advising our customers on the correct options.

If you have been looking for winter tyres and wheels, you know there not a cheap purchase for any car. This is where main dealer really make money in the winter months, telling customers you must buy wheels to the exact same spec as “this MAY void your warranty” this is a scar tactic. What I mean by this is, imagine buying a brand new Audi A3 paying between £19000-£40000, you make the enquiry regarding say 16” alloy wheels and tyres, response from the sales guy yes we can offer you a great package this will cost £1500, wow that’s a lot of money for 16” wheels some of us will think. However, the main dealer will just lead some people in to thinking this is the only option as the incorrect wheels MAY void the warranty and who want to risk voiding the warranty of their car (NOT ME).


1.A manufacture cannot just void your warranty for not fitting OE wheels.

2.Warranty will only be affected, when the non-original part fitted to the vehicle is the cause of the fault you are enquiring about. supply three different types of wheel aftermarket, genuine alloys and a steel wheel option.

4.Aftermarket wheels are TUV approved (German equivalent of the British standard) tested to a very high standard and a 5 year warranty.

5.Original wheels, well are original so will exact same spec as the recommended wheel from the main dealer.

6.Steel wheels are again TUV approved and made to the exact same spec.

7.Cheaper prices then main dealer but using the same wheel!

Example: can offer a winter wheels and tyre package starting from £545.00 delivered. Package example is for steel wheels fitted with 205/55R16 91H Continental TS850. Vehicle type Audi A3 2015

More packages, Genuine 16” Audi A3 Alloy wheels fitted with 205/55R16 91H Vredestein Snowtrac 5 £656 delivered, as you can see this is more than 50% cheaper the main dealer but how can we do these so cheaply? Here is the answer, we are lucky to have a good strong working relationship with an importer across the pond in Holland. The wheels are not brand new but have not done any road millage. These wheels have been removed for upgrades i.e. you go buy your brand new Audi A3 but want 17”, 18” these 16” wheels are removed, tyres taken of then we are lucky enough to buy them.

Please call Tyremen for the best advice and to avoid been mislead.

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