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The Uniroyal tyre brand has been synonymous with producing top end wet weather products for over 30 years. Their aim is to keep you safe on the roads at all times, especially when the roads are wet.

This philosophy is especially useful in the UK and Ireland where it rains around 165 days each year. Each Uniroyal product provides optimum wet performance which has been proven via a wide range of independent tyre tests.

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25% of accidents resulting in personal injury happen on wet roads, or that accidents are twice as likely on wet roads? Although rain reduces visibility the main danger is the chance of aquaplaning. This is caused by a wedge of water, which can not be dispersed, building up in front of the tyre. The aquaplaning occurs as the tyre loses contact with the ground as the tyre floats on the wedge of water.

research into safety

Uniroyals product developments have led to a range of products that perform superbly in wet conditions. The main objective of a rain tyre is to disperse as much water away from they tyre as possible, allowing the car to grip to the road. At 60mph a Uniroyal tyre can disperse water at a rate of eight liters a second, greatly reducing the chance of aquaplaning. Essentially a Uniroyal tyre is good in the dry, but they really excels when it rains!

Tyremen are able to sell Uniroyal tyres at very cheap prices, buy today and have your tyres delivered to your home, work place, or local garage.

uniroyal rainsport 3

New for 2014 is the new Uniroyal Rainsport 3, the successor to the hugely successful Rainsport 2 that has been a customer favourite for 10 years. find out more »

uniroyal rainsport 2

Ultimate wet weather performance. The new standard in high performance rain tyres. For executive, luxury and specialist sports cars. find out more »

uniroyal rain expert

Double carcass shaped grooves for improved water dispersion. find out more »

uniroyal winter tyres

Tyremen are pleased to add the Uniroyal winter tyre range to their winter collection for 2012/13. find out more »

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